Green Day


It was my first time to see green votive holders inside St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York when a friend and I dropped by for a quick prayer earlier this month. Makes sense.

But why do the Irish beg to be kissed on St. Patrick's Day? Will they turn into gold-bearing leprechauns? Silly question, I know. But I don't hear a lot of other smoochy statements like, say, "Kiss Me, I'm Chinese" or "Kiss Me, I'm Russian."


I have a confession to make. I don't always put in $2.00 when I light a candle there.

Speaking of Green Day, did you know that that band now has a Broadway musical called "American Idiot" inspired by their album of the same name? Sounds self-deprecating, yet hardcore, like relacore.

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witsandnuts said...

American Idiot doesn't sound so cool. =( There are other kooky titles eh.

Oman said...

i think i have seen 21 guns played ala broadway. just not sure whether i have seen it on grammy's or academy awards.

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