Orange You Glad You Don't Get Snow?

Have I ever told you that my favorite part in any newspaper is the Comics page? I especially love reading the Sunday funnies when everything is in full color.

My new favorite comic strip is "Rhymes With Orange" by Hilary B. Price. What attracted me the most is the wit behind the imaginative drawings...and of course, the fact that she's a female cartoonist! We need more like her in the industry to stimulate our funny bones (and grey matter, for that matter)!

And speaking of snow, we're supposed to experience a "Snowpocalypse"/"Snowmageddon" of sorts today. It already hit Washington, D.C. so bad yesterday and has even claimed the lives of a father and son in Virginia.

Forecast says my area will get between 4-8 inches of snow later today. Fasten your snow boots, my northeastern brethren! Shovels and snow throwers at the ready!

I'm hoping nobody in our household complains of winter-related body aches that will have me consulting www.reliefarthritis.net for remedies. I just want it to be a hot chocolate kind of snowed-in Saturday!

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AVCr8teur said...

I remember this exact strip either from last week or the week before. Keep warm!

MsRay said...

The sun is up from my side of the East Coast. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful day. Wanna exchange places? I haven't experienced snow yet :P

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