Our cat Maki may have passed away last December, but he left a legacy in the form of two kittens which Siomai, his "widow," bore today. It's Siomai's second pregnancy. The first time she had a kitten (back in September last year), it died the next day. She's what you might call an unprepared mother.

The first kitten was born in the middle of the day, black with specks of white on its body. That's the one on the photo above...can you make out the head, ears and body? Siomai is so new at being a mom that we had to help the kitten be breastfed. Siomai moved around so much! We may have to buy feeding bottles for pets. She refuses to keep still just when the kitten's tiny mouth has locked around her bulging nipple.

We're naming this one Miso. Do you notice a pattern here?

Then later in the afternoon, Siomai let out a painful moan and I saw the second kitten, wrapped in a bubble of placenta, emerge from beneath her. It had grey fur with white specks. I had to laugh, because it seemed like Siomai ran out of "ink" to color her kittens. I mean, both parents have black fur with very little white hair. I'm thinking of naming this one Tofu...or Tokwa. My sister may not approve, though.

I hope Siomai gets her mommy act together and stay still to let her kittens have her milk! She keeps thinking I "stole" her kittens when I'm just really positioning them on her tummy!

I'm a Cat Grandma again, although not the kind that gets term insurance for pets, unlike other pet-owners around here. I love my cats and all that, but I won't be able to afford that!

******UPDATE: The first kitteh, the one on this photo, died around midnite. I suspect that Siomai mishandled him when she kept migrating them with her mouth, injuring his fragile body within. So the kitten we were to name Miso...evaporated. :(

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witsandnuts said...

Miso is gone too soon. :(

Btw, interesting ang mga names ha.

Kate said...

poor baby :( How is Tofu? I hope it survives.

fortuitous faery said...

happy to report that tofu's still alive! he/she's a very hungry kitten. i do believe it's a boy kitten. :P

Vlado&Toni said...

i wish tofu a healthy life - hope he survives. I used to have a cat too, he died 2 years ago -- so sad he was 16 years old and we had him for 5 years, got him from the animal shelter.. such a sweet fellow, also a black cat.:( i want to get another cat but my husband does not want anymore so painful to lose him probably..

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