Buying Books For A Better World

I rarely buy books I fancy at regular price. When I visit my favorite local bookstore, I'm usually at the bargain aisle. Sometimes I get lucky with the marked-down books I find. For other books I really want but are not on sale, I used to go to Ebay for used copies. My latest online book purveyor of choice, though, is Better World Books. Not only do they sell new books at a much cheaper price, they ship for FREE throughout the United States! It's just $3.97 shipping elsewhere in the world.

Why do I choose to buy from them? Because not only do they offer "carbon-free" shipping (four cents per book) to boost your eco-karma points, your purchase actually funds global literacy AND helps breathe new life into used books and prevents them from becoming landfill inhabitants. You literally are making it a better world with your book purchase!

And I thought it was charming to get a "Thank You" E-mail from my recently purchased books. Yes, the books "e-mailed" me! It's so amusing that I had to share it with you!

(Your book(s) asked to write you a personal note - it seemed unusual, but who are we to say no?)

Holy canasta! It's me... it's me! I can't believe it is actually me! You could have picked any of over 2 million books but you picked me! I've got to get packed! How is the weather where you live? Will I need a dust jacket? I can't believe I'm leaving Mishawaka, Indiana already - the friendly people, the Hummer plant, the Linebacker Lounge - so many memories. I don't have much time to say goodbye to everyone, but it's time to see the world!

I can't wait to meet you! You sound like such a well read person. Although, I have to say, it sure has taken you a while! I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but how would you like to spend five months sandwiched between Jane Eyre (drama queen) and Fundamentals of Thermodynamics (pyromaniac)? At least Jane was an upgrade from that stupid book on brewing beer. How many times did the ol' brewmaster have one too many and topple off our shelf at 2am?

I know the trip to meet you will be long and fraught with peril, but after the close calls I've had, I'm ready for anything (besides, some of my best friends are suspense novels). Just five months ago, I thought I was a goner. My owner was moving and couldn't take me with her. I was sure I was landfill bait until I ended up in a Better World Books book drive bin. Thanks to your socially conscious book shopping, I've found a new home. Even better, your book buying dollars are helping kids read from Brazil to Botswana.

Eagerly awaiting our meeting,

Pithy Seedy Pulpy Juicy: Eleven Rhymes with Orange Books in One
Reigning Cats And Dogs: A Rhymes With Orange Tribute to Those Who Shed
Those are the titles of books that I bought from cartoonist Hilary B. Price of "Rhymes With Orange." I have to applaud the creative marketing minds behind Better World Books. I don't expect these books to be traveling by motorhome to reach me, but this missive of gratitude just made a loyal customer out of me!

P.S. If you buy any two books from them this Valentine weekend, you can get 14% off by entering this coupon code: BWBFF14. Now doesn't that make your bookworm heart go a-flutter?

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Sidney said...

That is a nice message from your new book!
I can almost feel romance in the air !
Happy Valentines Day !

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