Blue Clues in "Avatar"

Some people may regard "Avatar" the movie as a futuristic fairytale in a lava lamp-lit world called "Pandora." But this James Cameron masterpiece is an "avatar" of what has happened, and sadly, what continues to happen in our own time. Just look at your history books or watch the current events in international news (or maybe you need only look in your own country).

Personally, I am reminded of the Disney animated movie "Pocahontas," only here, Capt. John Smith is a blue-skinned ex-marine and Pocahontas is a Na'vi princess. But hey, they both carry bows and arrows! In 150 years into the future, though, people are more concerned about survival than auto insurance quotes. Besides, I don't think cars would exist then.

This epic movie of titanic, almost three-hour-long proportions, is a visual adventure. And what's an epic movie without epic villains that just won't die? He did, eventually, but not without a climactic combat with our hero.

I'm glad I decided to see this movie in 3D. The movie magic weaved here just deserves the extra dimension treatment. Jake Sully, I see you!

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MsRay said...

I watched the 3-D version of Avatar two days after it opened. And I watched it alone. My first trip to the movies ALONE. Two thumbs up!

witsandnuts said...

I agree with the Pocahontas angle. =) I saw it in 3d, too, nicer! Heehee. I am waiting for the DVD. Sana in 3D din.

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