Okay, so despite the fact that I haven't seen the new Twilight movie, "New Moon" yet, I drove to a Burger King and bought their exclusive BK Burger Shots 6-Pack New Moon Meal and supersized it so I can have the New Moon soda cup. It's the Happy Meal for tweens and Twi-Hards aged 1 to 92! (Although I hardly qualify as one, since I haven't read any of the books.)

BK Burger Shots are as miniscule as White Castle burgers. You can wolf it down easily or share with a friend. The vampiric value meal also comes with fries, soda (the large size is big enough to hold about half a liter, it seems), and a special "fan pack" with collectible New Moon character cards which also double as savings coupons at the back for New Moon merchandise.

I also bit into the New Moon aluminum bottles offer: Edward and Jacob bottles for the price of one ($9.99 + $4.99 shipping)! Early stocking stuffer for myself! Now I can quench my thirst Twilight-style! And besides, I've always wanted to own such eco-friendly water bottles.

Watch the Burger King TV ad featuring New Moon (Are you for Team Edward or Team Jacob?):

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witsandnuts said...

I am green with envy (heeeeheee)! Bakit wala kame nyan dito?! Nanood ako kahapon. I'm a Team Jacob convert. Haha.

Sinta said...

Lolololol! Twilight mania has really hit the commercial world. I would like to know if the New Moon movie is definitely worth seeing and better than the books? Everyone seems to love it, even more than the first one.

kg said...

i knew it! wits would be screaming with envy! he! he! bakit dito din wala nyan?

Sreisaat said...

I have to say that eventhough I didn't like Twilight at all (books and movie), I am all for Jacob!

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