The Empire State Strikes Back!

This ALCS shirt went old fast! I want the World Series shirt now!

What did I say before? Victory is sweeter with home court advantage...and how sweet it is indeed to win in the brand spankin' new Yankee Stadium! The Battle in the Bronx ended favorably for the New York Yankees tonight, yanking the World Series title (their 27th) out of the defending champions, the Phillies.

I knew Game 6 was going to be spectacular! And perhaps the Sports Illustrated magazine I saw at the doctor's office earlier was a premonition of sorts: It had pitcher Mariano Rivera on the cover (Oct. 5th issue).

Hideki (Matsui) is heaven-sent! He deserves the MVP award! And Pettitte's pitching efforts were anything but petty, fueled only by short rest.

The Empire State Building was lit in bright blue Yankees colors tonight. And people are going to be wanting to go to Mo's (Modell's) to get their official World Series shirt. This ALCS Champions shirt sure went old fast!

Gotta hook up a Bluetooth headset to start spreading the news to my uncle who's vacationing in Mexico right now. He's a big Yankees fan...a long time before I became one! Oh wait, it's midnight in Cancun right now, so I'll just send a text message.

There will be a parade in their honor this Friday in the Big Apple at 11am. Weather forecast says it's going to be a chilly 40 degrees for this big day, but the Yankees fans wouldn't mind bundling up to celebrate their baseball heroes! Mayor Bloomberg will also award the Yankees with the keys to the city--what a great honor!

Let's hear it for New Yoooooooork!

4 vandalized my wall:

Oman said...

yay. congrats to yankees.

Kayni said...

Go Yankees =). I saw the game last night.

ms firefly said...

congrats C, i can feel your enthusiasm and excitement all the way to dublin! ^-^

did you get a shirt for yourself?!

fortuitous faery said...

lawstude: yankees! yahoooo!

kayni: wasn't it great? during the final moments, i kept chanting, "don't let them have chase utley!" he was next in line! good thing they struck out victorino.

msfirefly: no, not yet--i'm waiting for when it'll be less than regular price! haha.

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