Wet N' Wild

Yesterday's Oktobersnowfest.

I was so underdressed for Thursday's wet snow shocker. We met our German friends for a Japanese Seafood buffet lunch, and then it just started snowing...all day! The chunky kind of snowflakes that melt on the ground. It was so cold that my bare legs yearned for boots. I was wearing ballet flats. The snow left icy layers on cars.

Snow in mid-October. Oktobersnowfest. Mother Nature is exhibiting some scary symptoms, and humankind is suffering from it.


This Lio comic calendar I have from yesterday seems to be right on point. What's even more uncanny about it is that the movie "Where The Wild Things Are" started showing on the same date.

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The Nomadic Pinoy said...

"Global warming? What global warming" - that's more like what I've heard someone say about this freakish show Mother Nature has been showing in the Northeast.

witsandnuts said...

Scary symptoms, true that. Remember, it snowed in UAE several months ago. Snow in the desert. Eerie.

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