Silver Indian and Two Totem Poles


Putting together some random photos from three different places. First is this shiny Indian in the middle of Times Square, photographed last August. Or is he supposed to be some Mayan or Aztec warrior? What I love about Times Square is that you never know who or what you'll see there. Someone always seems to be in some Halloween garb (or close to nothing at all) in there for no reason.

Surely, he's not there to talk about insurance quotes, is he? But then again, stranger characters have been used for insurance advertising purposes--such as a certain gecko with a British accent.

From last June was this totem pole in Ottawa's Byward Market:


Check out the tats on said totem pole! Miss Iggy posed there, too.


And on the eve of my birthday last month, my cousin and her boyfriend took me around downtown Chicago. One of the spots we stopped by at was this totem pole along Lake Shore Drive.


Cool coincidence, huh?

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