Psychedelic Airport


This was a part of Detroit Airport I've never seen before. It's their underground walkway connecting Terminal A to Terminals B&C. It's called the "Light Tunnel."


This was where I huffed and I puffed and blew some calories down on an early morning connecting flight from Detroit to Chicago last week, trying to make it in time for when boarding started....which we thankfully did.

The entire walkway is enveloped with chameleonic colors that change in time with out-of-this-world music, which is a little disorienting/hypnotizing. Here's a video of me running through this psychedelic walkway. Pardon the shakiness...I was trying to catch a plane! (The music was also encouraging me to hurry up!)

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Kayni said...

that's a cool place to just dance and prance until you reach your gate...lol.

Sidney said...

Amazing... especially for an airport!
Glad to hear you catched your plane !

Toe said...

Wow! That is so cool!

Ebie said...

Wow, truly multiple lights. One of the most modern, I have ever seen.
Thanks for showing the video, to show case the lights.

witsandnuts said...

I liked it. My kind of airport. =)

Princess Ody said...

it looks surreal! i like it! :)

toni said...

It must seem like walking through a daydream. *L*

kg said...

wow! this is amazing! with the lights and sounds, one wouldn't notice the distance!

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