"Let's Hear It For New York!"


So the Phillies bombed the Yankees last night in Game 1 of the World Series (6-1). Maybe the Yankees still have ALCS victory hangover from Sunday night. But man, the Phillies' Cliff Lee was a fierce pitcher! This is going to be bloodbath in the baseball field.

These major league players must be paid so much they don't have to fret about things like getting life insurance from Wholesale Insurance.

Meanwhile, the anthem that's been playing in the Yankee Stadium was "Empire State of Mind" (a song that's stuck in my head) sung by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys...and they're about to perform that song tonight in Game 2! The Yankees better be in that state of mind if they want to win.

If you're wondering about the Liberty statue photo above, I found that inside Toys R'Us Times Square last year which was just one of many other such painted Liberty statues around New York City. The Giants is actually NY's football team, but notice the baseball logo on her. Plus, if you look behind her, those are NY Yankees merchandise for sale.


And since I'm a sport, here's something from Philly: the Liberty Bell. This was from our first trip to Philadelphia back in 2006. I remember owning a sharpener as an elementary student shaped like this bell, with the crack and all.

So which Liberty will emerge triumphant in the World Series?

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