If You're Going To San Francisco...

Can you take me with you? Can you walk with me along the Golden Gate Bridge? See the sea lions with me in Pier 31? Can you sail with me to Alcatraz? Are you willing to go in and out with me at In-N-Out Burger? Can you drive me to nearby Daly City so I can have a jolly good time at Jollibee?

Can you ride with me in a cable car from one end of the line to another? Can you get dizzy with me going through the “world’s most crookedest street,” Lombard Street? Can you give me a reason to leave my heart in San Francisco? Will you keep it for me?

I haven’t met you yet. If I never will, I’m afraid I’m going to have to do all these things by myself. Cruise on a trusty Honda Accord, pray for perfect weather and that if my car drives me crazy instead of drive me around, San Francisco auto repair would be there. Heaven knows I don’t know what a timing belt is for. I only know that in life, timing is everything.

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Toe said...

In that case, can YOU take ME with you? :)

AVCr8teur said...

When are you coming to SF? There is a Jollibee in downtown SF.

Oman said...

sama naman ako, khit sa trunk lang :)

by the way, may sarili na ko domain, pa update naman ng link to www.lawstude.net :) tnx.

fortuitous faery said...

toe and lawstude: share sa gas at food, ha! haha.

avcr8teur: been wishing for it to happen, hopefully next year! when the timing is right!

ms firefly said...

pasama din! :P
great play of words here, natuwa ako sa In-N-Out Burger! ^.^

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