California Dreaming

My proudest driving moment was when I drove from South Carolina all the way to Orlando, Florida on a Disney road trip with family guests back in April. The ultimate road trip challenge after that would be to drive from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast, in that Pacific counterpart of New York: California. I've never been there before.

My friends who have been to both California and New York tell me that the basic difference between the two states is that California is more laid-back. Maybe it has partly something to do with how California is right beside the "Pacific" Ocean.

Being on such a long-haul of a road adventure would require optimal performance from your car. Now, I'm no car expert (I usually leave it to AAA to save the day), but if I ever go on that driving odyssey to California, on perhaps a shiny Ford Taurus, I'd like to make sure that there's a place out there I can run to for help, like maybe Los Angeles auto repair. I'll let them worry about nitty-gritty things like if I have the right head gasket or what-not.

I'm going straight to the souvenir shops. Right after I'm done sight-seeing, of course!

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plaridel said...

if you were able to drive from south carolina to florida, you can drive anywhere. driving to california would probably take you 3-4 days with a few rest stops in between. you'll also need one or two companions to help in the driving. i think you'll like california. just to remind you that northern california is much different than southern california. are you planning to do it in the summer?

fortuitous faery said...

california's been on my mind. not sure when i'm going, though. if it's going to be a road trip, then i need some driving buddies! :)

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