Weight A Minute

At a party recently, this older guy who's supposedly a family friend of ours expressed his happiness in seeing me after a long time, and and at the same time commented quite bluntly that I should lose weight. I may be no expert in weight loss supplements reviews nor a Jenny Craig disciple, but I do know that what he just did was rude and crude. It's a known fact that Filipinos can be harsh critics about body image and still fantasize about skinny, waif types as the ideal body size for females, but these Filipinos who have lived and worked here in the States should know better and stop being primitive. But knowing this particular person who thinks he has authority over my body image, it was useless arguing with him. So I let it go. I'm not there to please HIM.

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Sidney said...

I thought it was a compliment... that things are going well with you... if you are skinny they might think you don't have enough money to buy food! ;-)

emarene said...

nakakainis yan! if people don't have nice things to say - better keep their mouth shut! pero, baka akala nya "nice" yung sinabi nya?

plaridel said...

i think your relative was just trying to make conversation. he failed big time.

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