Waltzing Math-ilda

I never liked math even as a kid. I thought math was simply about the four essential operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. When fractions and decimals and algebra rolled in, life became complicated.

But I think it was my Math teacher back in elementary that really made me hate that numerical subject. My class unanimously agreed that she was terrifying. Part of her teaching method was glaring at us menacingly whenever we misbehaved or gave the wrong answer to the equation. My fear of her became associated with my loathing for all things mathematical. How was I supposed to love it when the person charged with providing us math help was making it difficult for us to grasp the lesson and breathe normally?

Back then, I relied on my math wiz classmates for free math help, asking them to explain the formula and techniques used. The internet didn't exist then, so it comes as a great educational evolution that things like online math tutoring now exist for kids who need assistance in the comfort of their own home.

Supplemental education is now so much more convenient because an online math tutor is there to help students understand their lessons at their own pace. Online math help is just a click of the mouse away, and with TutorVista, you can test their service with free online math tutoring as a first-time user.

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kg said...

naku....i also hated math. i don't know if i hated it because i wasn't good at it or if i wasn't good at it because i've come to hate it. regardless, in college, i chose a course with minimal math! he! he!

fortuitous faery said...

haha, me too! ditto with the college course choice!

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