Vintage Soup Mug Love at First Sight

They say "one man's trash is another one's treasure." That can't be any truer than at a garage sale. I was at one near church today, and look what I found for only fifty cents!


A vintage Nabisco Premium Crackers soup mug. There's actually two of them (identical design), so my total splurge amount was a dollar.


The drawings around the mug instantly captured my eyes. It's the classic design of the Nabisco Premium saltine crackers brand.


Turn the mug a bit and you see the Nabisco truck!


This boy in the yellow raingear is just adorable. The words "fresh, flaky, flavorful" were fancifully chosen. I love advertising with alliteration!


And of course, the red Nabisco logo.


I loved how the entire mug has black specks ingrained into the ceramic, like freshly ground pepper. It makes me crave for clam chowder!


At the bottom of the soup mug is a piece of trivia about Premium Crackers, and a sticker that says it's made in Japan. The soup mug is now 18 years old!

Since I have two of these soup mugs, I'm very tempted to use one and keep the other as a collectible item. Can you tell how much I adore this mug by the detailed photos I posted?

It sure beats having to bid for these items on Ebay. Who said a dollar can't buy you happiness? I'm afraid this may turn into another hobby.

4 vandalized my wall:

Oman said...

wow. thai is nice. one of the best mugs i have seen.

Mia said...

it's pretty :) definitely worth buying

Sinta said...

Great find! I adore vintage saucers and cups :D

plaridel said...

a rare find i might say. would be worth a lot of money someday.

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