Police Car-icature


Apart from landmarks, I like to photograph police cars whenever I travel. I wonder, would it be too much if they had led taillights installed on them as well? Imagine the flurry of flashing lights when they start chasing you on the road. This first one is an Atlantic City police car parked right on the boardwalk.


This one is a Canadian police car parked inside the Parliament grounds in Ottawa, photographed last June. I like the mounted police detail on the back.

3 vandalized my wall:

Sidney said...

You must have a nice collection of police cars !

ms firefly said...

do you have a one from manila? ^-^

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: not a lot, but from now on i'll be more proactive in spotting them! :)

msfirefly: *gasp* i don't! it's harder to spot them in manila. :P

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