Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet!

More photos inside the NY Public Library's Rose Reading Room on the third floor:


How many libraries in the world have gilded, pastel-colored clouds for ceilings? If you stare long enough, cherubs might start flying down with harps and a confetti of rose petals.


This is where people borrow and return books, or have things photocopied. Doesn't it look more like a ticketing booth for an old train station?


I didn't know people can get married inside the NY Public Library until I saw the movie "Sex and the City," where Carrie Bradshaw almost got married to Mr. Big. But the venue was near the staircase at Astor Hall, the main lobby, well below this reading room. Imagine booklovers tying the knot inside this magnificent library!

5 vandalized my wall:

pusa said...

Ganda nga ng ceiling! Uu nga jan nga yun sa satc wedding venue sana ni carrie

Sidney said...

What a superb library... probably the nicest I ever saw (through your pictures) !

Sinta said...

Gorgeous isn't it? With a venue like that, who would like to get married in a church? That's definitely going to be one of my stops when I visit NY. I love libraries and I love beautiful buildings :)

Kate said...

wow, so lovely! I wish i can visit this place someday :)

Kayni said...

This is a really nice library. Although, if I were there, I might not end up reading but just stare at the ceiling...lol.

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