Sanrio Sculpture Sightings

When I was in Manhattan the other week, I had serendipitously stumbled upon these giant Sanrio sculptures at East 53rd St., right when I had emerged from the E/V subway station with the belated and unfortunate realization that I had left my umbrella at the hotel.

A pale Hello Kitty was waving at me. This one is actually a wind-up robot sculpture, as evidenced by this side view I had shot from my celfone.

I immediately welcomed this kawaii distraction and at the same time wondered what these strange creatures of cuteness were doing here outside the Lever House. I only found out now that they're actually art installations by Tom Sachs, and that they were made of bronze but painted white.

Here are Hello Kitty's other cute companions:

"My Melody"


Hello Kitty again as a fountain.

If you love Hello Kitty, then don't just stop by the Sanrio Luxe Store on 42nd St., see these amazing sculptures on East 53rd St. as well! (Take the E or V train) They're only there until September 6th!

This just goes to show that Hello Kitty is larger than life...that is, all of her nine lives combined!

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pusa said...

cuteness! heheheh obyus ba na inabangan ko tong post :)

hays kelan ko kaya sila makikita

Anonymous said...

oh wow very cool! i think they look better in white than pink LOL

Kayni said...

i would have jumped and hugged Hello Kitty =). i'm a huge fan of Sanrio products.

Sinta said...

OMG, so cuuuuute! Hello Kitty and Miffy! Thanks for sharing these sightings :)

Anonymous said...

Para silang paper machet (shox, tama ba ang spelling ko?? whahaha). Remember yung project naten nung highschool hahaha...

witsandnuts said...

That's so cute! Ready nako sa pose ko once I get to see something like that. =)

JessicaLeighLaLou said...

Awww.. those are so cute!

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