And I Hate You So

Here is where I rant about why I prematurely hate the Star Cinema movie "And I Love You So" starring Bea Alonzo, Sam Milby and Derek Ramsay.

The repetitive trailers on The Filipino Channel are enough to let me know it's going to be a mushy film, and you already get the gist of the story: Bea plays a newlywed whose husband of only five months, played by Derek, suddenly dies. Bea becomes a young widow who is romantically involved with Sam's character, but is too guilty to be committed to this new guy because she feels she's "cheating" on his already deceased previous husband. Yes, it's going to be a tearfest. Moral of the movie: We should accept death and learn to move on.

The particular line that makes my eyes roll is this:

[Bea in one of her many emo modes in the film]

"Most people my age, ngayon pa lang nagpapakasal. Samantalang ako, nakapagpalibing na ng asawa. [insert desperate sigh here] Haba pa ng buhay ko...but I've already lost the one person worth living for."

[Translation: Most people my age are only starting to get married. Whereas I have already had a funeral for my husband. I still have a long life ahead...[insert my rolling eyes here] but I've already lost the one person worth living for.]

Okay, anyone can sympathize with her sudden loss, but to say with confidence that she still has a looooong way to go? How sure is she of that? What if she dies the next day so she can join her late husband? But then, that would render Sam's character useless now.

Not every widow is as lucky as she is to be given a second chance at love. Come on, Bea, Sam's a hottie too.

See actual trailer here:

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Sidney said...

Oh... you like Sam... ;-)

ms firefly said...

i refuse to be cynical, and wants to embrace the movie right here right now. san pwede bumili ng dibidi? ^-^


Kayni said...

lol...well, i don't watch mushy films these days. i don't know, i just prefer comedy and action movies for the time being.

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: not in a die-hard fan kind of way, just that i acknowledge he's cute. i wouldn't mind hounding him for an autograph and photo op IF i do see him in person! haha.

msfirefly: the movie's just been released in theaters earlier this month...but who knows, maybe quiapo already has it! :P

kayni: the most recent DVD i saw was "the jane austen book club." on the mushy scale, it's still tolerable. :P

upto6only said...

i haven't watched the movie yet though many are saying that it's good daw. i'll just wait for kimmy dora instead hahaha.

plaridel said...

i don't think i'll see the movie, but bea is really pretty, isn't she? hopefully, she can act as well.

witsandnuts said...

We have the same reaction pala pag naririning ko yung linyang yan sa TFC trailer. Currently showing yan dito sa Abu Dhabi. Some of my friends watched, hindi nila ako mainvite alam nilang hindi ako sasama dyan. The only time I watched a Pinoy film on big screen eh yung sequel ng Sarah-John Lloyd film. I'd rather watch Kimmy Dora. =)

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