Umbrellas, Undies and Wellies

I like to leaf through fashion catalogs and magazines for visual inspiration, even the ones from Victoria's Secret that come in the mail.

This one is from their Pink line featuring their Fall 2009 collection of lingerie. Pink is more like VS's juniors section, as they target the high school/college girl types.

I think my heart rejoiced a bit upon seeing the umbrellas and wellies (Wellington boots) these scantily-clad models are wearing. You won't catch me walking in public in that get-up, though. They're two of my favorite accessories, probably because they hearken back to my student life in the Philippines, when typhoon season would mean holding on to your umbrella for dear life and wading through flood waters--a fact of life especially if you're a UST student in Manila. Calle España transforms into España de Bay during a deluge.

I didn't have the luxury of owning rain boots back then, and I will never forget the time I had to walk through the flood one stormy day from school in Fairview, Quezon City--without my shoes! Only my socks shielded me from the floating unknowns and the risk of leptospirosis. I didn't want my school shoes to get wet, so I held them in one hand and my bag in the other. I made it home safely, thankfully.

VS Pink doesn't sell umbrellas or wellies...just the lingerie and loungewear and college knick-knacks. They do have bags and luggage, but they would murder my wallet.

So far, I own two umbrellas from J. Crew and a pair of green wellies from Eddie Bauer. Those green wellies had a matching green umbrella which got damaged so it was thrown away.

I'm frustrated that my fat calves won't fit into any of the pretty J. Crew wellies, no matter how hard I try. Imagine my utter agony when I found some J. Crew wellies on sale for a mere $9.99 per pair earlier this year! If only I had skinnier legs as these models.

My family gifted me with a souvenir umbrella from their trip to Germany, so that's #4...and then I have a dainty-looking umbrella from H&M which could have been #5 had I not left it with my aunt in the Philippines.

I think I've obsessed enough about umbrellas and wellies today. Thanks for ogling!

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Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Oh my god, you went to UST? I have friends who had gone there to study either fine arts or health sciences / medicine. I'm still laughing at your description of Espana de Bay!

C'mon? Fat calves? I somehow doubt it!! I've seen your feet (twitter photo & gravatar). Doesn't look like you have fat calves. I am smiling at your self-depricating humour, though!

Mia said...

I was from UST (BS Psychology) and you are so right about the flood. I had to walk along Dapitan all the way to the central market. The water lever in Daptian was thigh high water and open manholes were everywhere.

I pity the models in the photos--it must have been cold wearing just undies and wellies in that weather ;)

ms firefly said...

oh for the love, i hate the flood in manila. one of the many reasons i returned to gensan after working for 2 years there. ^-^

how can the models look so good being almost nude in the cold? makes me think i'd look alright as well. nyahaha que horror

fortuitous faery said...

jen: yes, oh those rainy days at UST are very memorable indeed! and yes, i do have fat calves, so i can only fit into wide leg boots. you should see me struggle into zip-up knee-high boots! haha! the spirit is willing, but the flesh is fat! haha OMG i just thought of that now. :P

mia: wow! fellow thomasian! i also experienced being stranded in the main building because the campus was flooded in and we were fed wendy's burgers! horrific but funny at the same time.

msfirefly: manila is too congested anyway, gensan is much more serene! you made the right choice! :) these models probably get paid enough to not complain!

caryn said...

hey fellow thomasian! so you have experienced ust during baha season huh? hahahah! not for the faint-hearted. wellingtons have become really popular in tokyo as well ;-)

fortuitous faery said...

konnichiwa, caryn! oi, tiger power! go tomasino! :)

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