Folie a Falafel

My very first falafel platter, an accidental dinner choice in Ottawa, Canada.

Weary from walking to Byward Market and Rideau Canal from our hotel located close to the outskirts of Ottawa, we remembered the Korean restaurant located conveniently right across our hotel and salivated at the thought of bibimbap on our way back. It was already almost 10PM as we trudged along Rideau St. We had left our car at the hotel and chose to save gas and parking fees. Our legs suffered the penalty.

Famished, we nevertheless triumphantly opened the door to the Korean restaurant--only to be greeted by an apologetic waiter who informed us that they were closing for the night. Our mouths and stomachs groaned in unison, as we searched for a plan B.

As luck would have it, there was a "Shawarma Palace" right next door--it was open until 2am! Dinner was saved! While my family ordered beef shawarma sandwiches, I wanted to try something different. My eyes drifted to the Falafel Plate. Never tried it, so I thought this was my chance. And besides, it's vegetarian, so it must be healthy!

The place was small and packed for a Saturday night. The air was thick with the smell of Middle-eastern cuisine as we queued for our order.

The guy behind me corrected my pronunciation when I ordered the falafel. "It's Fuh-LAH-fuhl." Up to that point, I thought it was "FAH-lah-fell."

My Fuh-LAH-fuhl platter was stuffed in a styrofoam container since we ordered our meals to go. Underneath that pile of veggie goodness, there's also potatoes and slices of pita bread. They added a citrus zest to my platter so the hummus seemed to kick me into extra consciousness that night. The falafel balls looked like giant sesame seed balls. Man, those falafels were filling!

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Bem said...

hmmmn...i'm curious sa hummus. saw lots of it from the movie zohan. anong taste?

{and yes, "amelie" nga yung movie. super hindi ko maalala. thanks.}

fortuitous faery said...

it's creamy and taste just like sandwich spread. but you have to try it yourself to know exactly what it tastes like!

still haven't seen that zohan movie. :P

ms firefly said...

weird name i think, it's the first time i've heard of it. ^-^
i've never tried hummus as well, saw it at the grocery and highly recommended by a blogger friend as a healthy substitute for my sinful dishes.

missP said...

i had a classmate in my German language course from Israel... and she was telling me that I should try the Fah-la-fell because it is simply great.. but just the mention of the huumus made my stomach crinch already... haha, ignoramous me!

it really looks tasty though.

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