"Drop Dead Diva" is Deviously Delightful!

Move over, Ally McBeal! Jane Bingum is the Biggie-sized, Big-time lawyer whose Motion for Extension on Life just got granted in the new legal dramedy, "Drop Dead Diva" on Lifetime Channel.

I got to see the premiere episode on Sunday night. The premise is that blonde bombshell Deb Dobson (Brooke D'Orsay) encounters an untimely demise and finds herself at Heaven's Gate. At around the same time, lawyer Jane Bingum (Brooke Elliott) also meets Death when she takes a bullet for her boss. By some divine twist of fate (or death), Deb gets a new lease on life, but wakes up in Jane's XXL hospital gown.

It's like "Legally Blonde" from the afterlife, but in the plus-size department. Deb's Prada-proficient soul has a roomier temple, so to speak, but she acquires all of Jane's legal prowess--and craving for chocolate--as well. She's out on a mission to help clients win their cases and their self-esteem back. She's living la vida numero dos, with her hottie boyfriend Grayson Kent (Jackson Hurst) from her past life as Deb joining her own law firm as a new associate to stir things up. Will she win his love in her new, curvier (or should I say, "Curves"-deprived) shape?

This series preaches that it's not the size of your clothes that matters, but the size of your heart.

Comedian Margaret Cho plays Jane's faithful assistant Teri Lee, while the heavenly handsome Fred (Ben Feldman) is her guardian angel in paralegal disguise.

Guess what, Paula Abdul is guesting as a judge in a future episode! From American Idol judge to courtroom judge! Thank heavens for this show that'll spice up Sunday nights!

Watch the premiere episode preview here:

Oh, and I just joined the Drop Dead Diva Sweepstakes, where I can win the following diva-licious prizes:

- $500
- One pair of sunglasses, the winner's choice between retro-style Chanel, square-shaped Chanel or large, rounded Chloe shades
- One handbag, the winner's choice between Louis Vuitton Speedy, Louis Vuitton Never Full and Gucci signature bag

Who's objecting to that? Not me! Oh, contest is open to US legal residents, only.

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Anonymous said...

i like that part about the size of your heart and not the size of your shirt, or your pocket at that LOL

fortuitous faery said...

haha, thanks, prinsesamusang!

Oman said...

i like it when they "dramatize" the law profession kasi it is very different. they tend to glamorize a boring and frustrating profession.

pero i enjoy being a lawyer with all the perks and responsibilities attached to it.

Glenda said...

i'm gonna watch out for this show. thanks for sharing! :-)

M.M.E. said...

thanks for supporting my giveaway! It means a lot. so far we have 14 entrants!

Anonymous said...

male reader here.

I watch the show, too, since it happens to be on when I'm sitting down. Happy to watch the gorgeous lead actress. I like her big-eyed face, and her figure.

I know I'm supposed to be following the plot, but I'm really just interested to see a beautiful plump woman carry a show in an American market.

There are many interesting and varied women on British tv, but so few in the US.

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