Dog Shampoo


Is your dog itching, scratching and stinking beyond belief?

Our shih tzu, Tiffany, sometimes itch, and much to our horror, the pet grooming store we take her to recently told us that they found a flea on her. We instantly knew how that happened: one of our cats who like to go outdoors on a daily basis must have given her an unwanted souvenir with multiple legs.

Being a shih tzu, her shaggy hair easily grows long that it usually covers her eyes. Hairy dogs tend to be smelly when unbathed for long periods of time, that’s why we usually take her to the pet grooming place so she can get a nice haircut that restores her normal line of sight. She gets the works: dog shampoo, pedicure, powder, and a cute little ribbon tied to her collar. She comes back home like an entirely different dog!

When we’re the ones doing the bathing, though, I confess that we only use some brand of dog shampoo that only makes her smell good for a short time. That’s because we haven’t discovered Dinovite yet. It’s a special dog shampoo formulated to give your furry friend a long-lasting clean smell and it’s infused with essential oils designed to pamper and heal his weary body. Yes, playing catch can be tiring!

What’s even more great about this product is that it’s a natural flea-deterrent! No more creepy crawlers, plus it’s gentle on their skin, with no harmful chemicals whatsoever!

Dinovite sounds like dynamite…for fleas, that is!


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Chelsea said...

I'm pretty lucky--my dog doesn't get to scratchy-and doesn't have that much hair...I have a greyhound...I'll keep this stuff in mind for some of my friends though!

fortuitous faery said...

hi chelsea! i have yet to go to a pet store to look for this product. sounds interesting!

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