Bibim-Business Card Holders from Korea

The MoMA Store is having a summer sale. These Korean Meal Business Card Holders from their Destination: Seoul collection is too kimchi-kawaii, even if they don't actually have kimchi. Each cost $14.95, used to be $25 each.

Korean Meal Business Card Holder
Hui Eun Chang, 2007

A quirky design, these handmade business card holders show ramen noodles being scooped up by a pair of chopsticks and a dinner of kalbi beef and so-ju, an alcoholic beverage native to Korea. Business cards can be rested on the holder's back panel. Made of clay, resin, magnet, and iron plate. Not intended for children.

Destination: Seoul is a MoMA-exclusive product collection highlighting lifestyle products from South Korea.

[image from MoMA Store]

3 vandalized my wall:

Unknown said...

So cool! :-D

ms firefly said...

that's cute!
this reminds me of my friend's korean husband, June, and his favorite kimchi. ^-^

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

There are so cute!! Couldn't they have made it scratch n sniff? :)

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