Tail as Old as Time

I confess, I didn't get to thoroughly explore Magic Kingdom at Disney World last April. I didn't even get to ride the revolving teacups! Was busy chasing Capt. Jack Sparrow and hunting for the souvenir penny machines around the park. Well, we did get to watch the electric parade twice that night, though, plus the fireworks.

I realized that I took some photos with my celfone camera, so I transferred them to my PC lest they stagnate in my celfone's memory. I actually took better photos with the camera I lost, and videoclips, too. Anyway, here are some photos from the "Beauty and the Beast" mini-musical at the Disney Hollywood Studios theme park. It's a wonderful, concise version of that Disney classic, fitting the whole story in just one hour!

Belle in that cheerful "Bonjour" song in the opening scene. This was right after we caught a glimpse of the pre-beastly Prince who shunned a witch in disguise. He was all rosy-cheeked and had his blonde hair in a ponytail that he looked prettier than Belle.

Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts and Chip were all so very hospitable in singing "Be My Guest."

The climax, in which Beast gets seriously wounded fighting Gaston. Belle rushes to his side, declares her love just in the nick of time, and the magical transformation follows. And they lived happily ever after!

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witsandnuts said...

In HKG Disney, they showed only a minor portion of Beauty and the Beast during Golden Mickeys show.

Kate said...

Love that cat in a teacup :D hope i get to watch this show soon, i love disney stories :)

Oman said...

the lion king version in disney hongkong is also one of the best hour i spent there. most probably similar to beauty and the best there.

Glenda said...

did you know that disney has always had problems with every jack sparrow character in all of their theme parks? it's because he's the most sought-after character there by the girls hehe. your photos made me want to watch beauty and the beast on dvd again :-)

Garando said...

I love LOLCATS too! :D
The only Disneyland I went to was in Tokyo. I couldn't understand a thing. sigh... Can you imagine Donald Duck speaking in Japanese? He sounds the same.

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