pinky amador#2 (or i'm a lover of pink)

pink scooters

pink scooters! ready to be rented at myrtle beach. seen last april.


peony in full bloom!

i love its heavy fragrance and how they just drop to the ground from all that weight. they also last a long time in a vase. even the buds bloom right in the vase!

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ms firefly said...

my bed sheets are with peony prints in pale pink from laura ashley! georgeousness. ^-^

i got my travel journal from miss iggy just today, my first package in the new house, yahoooo! thank you sooooo much, i love the j.crew catalog, yumyumyum. i love everything you sent, the kitty is now meowing on my mantlepiece. ^-^

thanks again conell, you brightened my day!

ms firefly said...

yikes, edit: gorgeousness!!!

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

I love peonies!! they only bloom in June over here! (Toronto)a

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