my lomo robot from hong kong

okay, so i finally gave in to temptation and bought this disderi three-lens robot camera on ebay from this seller. it came all the way from hong kong!

when will the lomo-diction end? as if the 4-lens actionsampler AND supersampler weren't enough! that reminds me, i have about 4 rolls of film that needs processing!

the camera itself cost $6, and with shipping, it all came to around $13. it came within a week! the customs form says that the camera cost "HK$90". i wonder how much it really was?

i was intrigued by the scalloped, 3-in-one action photos that you can have with it. i saw some lovely samples from here and here.

the instruction sheet was entirely in chinese. (click image below for gargantuan view) good thing the illustrations are self-explanatory. it's really not that hard to use, since i already own an actionsampler. the only english on this piece of paper was on the other side which read, "this camera is not a toy."

it's made in china, of course. why don't they sell this kind of camera at dollar stores around here? virtually everything sold there is made in china.

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ms firefly said...

you've been bitten by the lomo bug!
the more you write about it though, the more i'm yearning for it myself, which is very very dangerous. ^-^

fortuitous faery said...

yes, odette...and there seems to be no antidote for it! haha. not that i mind, but i just have to be extra careful not to splurge on more lomo cameras and/or films!

the photos you put up on your blog have a very lomo feel to it. you have magical photoshop powers. :P

Karlo said...

hey thanks for visiting travelomo and linkin to it. enjoy your disderi!

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