Mourning Girl

So VH1 and MTV have been airing the late Michael Jackson's hit music videos as a tribute all weekend. Watching the seminal "Thriller," "We are the World" and "Billie Jean," among many others, just inspires awe at the musical genius behind such songs. My personal favorite as far as music videos are concerned is "Black or White" because of the international palette it had. You can imagine yourself in that video at the end with the morphing head shots of different indviduals.

I remembered a pal in California whom I haven't heard from in a while. I know her as being particularly fond of all things retro, especially the 80's. I sensed that she might be disturbed by MJ's death, so I texted her. (Conversation posted in original SMS format, hence the shortcut spellings.)

Me: Has it sunk in to you yet that MJ is now moonwalking in heaven?
Her: Im still in mourning. Dang stil cnt beliv hs gone.
Me: And to thnk that he felt dprived of love dspite d fame n 4tune. he was also misundrst0od. he must have died dpressed. and dats dpressing.
Her: My dream 2 watch him live di na pwede. (can no longer be)

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Princess Ody said...

i also love the "black or white" video!

my friends and i were considering watching one of his farewell concerts in london. so saaaad

fortuitous faery said...

i love how he dances his way around the world in that one!

fans who already bought concert tickets must be doubly upset....

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