jollibee's jolly dancers

i just realized that one of my unfulfilled wishes is to have a birthday party hosted by jollibee, with a dance number such as this, performed by the jollibee crew at robinson's metro east mall in cainta, rizal, philippines last february 2008.

never mind that a jollibee mascot once hit my face with his bee wings when i was a child attending someone's birthday party in crossing, mandaluyong. i still love jollibee. always will.

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plaridel said...

it's a wish that's doable. how about doing it on your next birthday? don't be a scary cat. have courage, it should be fun.

fortuitous faery said...

yes, it's doable! i've heard of a lady in the philippines who had her final birthday party as a bachelorette at mcdonald's. kiddie-themed.

do they do kiddie parties at jollibee in california? i doubt they do at the one in queens, new york. :P

Sidney said...

Jollibee is really an icon in the Philippines... even a one year old recognize the Jollibee!

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