foot-ographs and memories

i'm one of those people who like to take photos of their foot when traveling. excuse my less-than-perfect foot, it's about where my flip flops have been, anyway!

i present to you, exhibit A, my foot at a squash patch (rhymes with saskwatch! well, kinda) in my grandparents' home in capiz, philippines last year. i was wearing my favorite j.crew "beanie" flip flops. actually, the beads on the straps looked (and felt) like mongo (mung beans). it was so comfy wearing them.

exhibit B, my foot treading on the wet dirt path strewn with leaves leading up to the shrine on top of agtalin hill in pilar, capiz. it's quite a climb, but the flip flops endured it. seeing the giant virgin mary statue on that hill was rewarding.

exhibit C, my foot amongst cone shells at baybay beach in roxas city, still in capiz. "baybay" is ilonggo for the word "beach," so it may sound a bit redundant when you say "baybay beach". my flip flops were so beat up during my vacation last year that i had to leave it in the philippines and say, "bye-bye-bye...." they're still wearable, though! i just wanted to see them there when i return!

2 vandalized my wall:

witsandnuts said...

Oh wow, all the photos are so cute. I do the same occasionally. Normally when I'm traveling. I like your pair. =)

fortuitous faery said...

thanks! i miss those flip flops. haha.

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