purple power

these are the flowers that currently dominate our backyard. they seem to declare, "move over, daffodils, it's our turn!" the daffodils have long wilted in our garden.

we have plenty of irises to fill our vases all summer long.

the clematis is a flowering vine that creeps up the archway to our backyard. it has several varieties, but i think the one we have here is known as the "violet charm." charming name, isn't it?

my mom is bent on growing gumamelas (hibiscus flowers), so we bought a small pot of red ones at shoprite today. i could have easily swiped hibiscus stems from where we stayed at in kissimmee, florida, but that would be...larceny. haha.

4 vandalized my wall:

Oman said...

nice colors.

ms firefly said...

purples! that's kj's color. ^-^

Lantaw said...

superb POV with the first photo!

The Becky said...

ay...singapurple iggy is loving this. :)
conneh! the simpsons are in. i repeat--they are all in. thank you beri mats. my papakeks (what i call him these days, poor thing) sends his heartfelt palpitations. :)

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