"One Sunny Day" Photo Contest by Fossil

One sunny day in the isle of Boracay,
I rode the clear-blue waters that stretched before my eyes;
on a boat with the same aquatic hues,
it was a trip with endless dramatic views.

This is my entry for Fossil's "One Sunny Day" Photo Contest which asks you to share your favorite summer photo and a snippet of the story behind it. This contest is only for US residents, though, and the deadline is on June 1st.

They have some strict guidelines for entries:

1. Photos can't be more than 150KB in size.
2. You can only submit ONE entry! When I clicked "submit," I didn't see the pop-up window telling me to wait for an email if my entry was accepted...so I hit the button a second time, thinking my entry didn't go through. If I get disqualified because of that technical error, then there goes my chance at winning one of three Fossil vintage-inspired prize packages!
3. Your description of the photo can't exceed 200 CHARACTERS. Well, that's like Twittering, only they added 60 more characters to express yourself. And expression must be creative! So I fell into rhyming mode once again. I entered my text at a character-counting page and my words have a total of 178 characters (spaces and exclamation marks included.)

Please visit the photo gallery of contestants starting June 3rd and look for mine (that is, if my entry gets accepted), and vote for my entry! (Remember my photo above! Look for the BLUE BOAT!) The top 3 entries get to score the prizes mentioned above. If you have your own summer photo, you can join, too!

This is one of my favorite beach photos from my first visit to Boracay back in 2005. We were island-hopping on that boat when I took the photo. I have long concluded that the Jersey Shore is nowhere near as spectacular as Boracay, no offense to true-blue New Jerseyans.

Wish me luck!

5 vandalized my wall:

ms firefly said...

ang galing ng rhyme, and the boracay sun is glorious! i hope you win! ♥

Sidney said...

You can't find better than Boracay ! :-)

fortuitous faery said...

msfirefly: thanks!

sidney: i'd like to go back there!

kg said...

oh my! i'd like to join this contest. alam mo, i've never bought a watch of another brand other than fossil [well, except siguro the g-shock....wala kasi sila nun. he! he!]. i love fossil ! it's really my favorite!

yun nga lang...i'm not a US resident. :( sayang!

nice shot! Philippine beaches are the best! :)

Anonymous said...

pwede bang maging US resident... kahet mga 10 seconds lang para makasali ako hahaha...

too bad I read this post late.

kelan tayo magbobora conell? :)

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