the day jack sparrow shot my heart an arrow

at disney world's adventureland (magic kingdom park) in orlando is a "pirates of the caribbean" attraction which featured not just the boat ride that originally inspired the film, but also starred a very savvy jack sparrow impersonator. he's no johnny depp, but he'll do! haha.

he was doing this live skit in front of an audience and taught some kids mock sword-fighting with wooden play swords. i have to say, he got the accent bit quite impressively and swaggered about just like jack sparrow.

he'd let the kids practice fencing with his assistant, but then tell them to shout, "look, it's the governor's daughter!" so that when his assistant pretends to look the other way, he'll instruct the innocent kids to "run! run away!"

after each kid gets his turn, he has them swear to the pirate's oath, then hands each of them a pirate's scroll which i assume is some imaginary certificate of piratehood. the show ends with him leading everyone to a rousing rendition of "a pirate's life for me" (yes, that yo-ho song).

my companions and i waited patiently to see if he'd let the people queue for his photo and autograph. instead, he just did his own "look, it's the governor's daughter" trick and ran away. i guess his talent fee doesn't include autograph-signing.

here's a couple of videoclips of jack sparrow in action. ging and sailormoon, this one's for you! he actually sounds like the real jack sparrow in person!

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Sidney said...

Looks like you fell in love with jack sparrow ! ;-)

witsandnuts said...

Oh wow, that's cool. I hope they also have that in Disneyland Hong Kong.

Princess Ody said...


sailormoon said...

hay naku.. nang iinggit ka na naman connie! basta pupunta kami ni ging jan one of these days. hehe. thanks for the video clip!

Dennis Villegas said...

Hi, Sorry for vandalizing your wall ;)
I think this Jack Sparrow can pass as an original since people wanted his autograph.
I can't understand why I haven't linked you to my blogroll yet, but I'll do so now!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God conell... Parang mahal ko na din sha. Haha! Astig ang galing!

Marites said...

i love Jack Sparrow and looks like that guy is quite good impersonator:D pwdeng iuwi?

gingmaganda said...

he's enough to make me agree to apply for a US Visa. =)

oo nga sailormoon, pupunta tayo diyan! tig-isa pa tayo! haha!

fortuitous faery said...

ging and sailormoon: balita ko pa nga, madali nang kumuha ng tourist visa to USA ngayon! jack sparrow awaits you! haha!

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