a weekend of gluttony

just a visual sampling of the food consumed over the weekend from a cousin's birthday party in morris plains, new jersey and a family friend's impromptu late lunch invitation in yonkers, new york.

arroz a la valenciana

jamaican-style oxtail. loved how heavily spiced it was!

see? food! seafood medley of shrimp, squid and sour fish soup

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Marites said...

namiss ko tuloy ang arroz valenciana ng auntie :) Wow ! ang daming pagkain.

Mia said...

I felt hungry just looking at the arroz valenciana. looks so yummy!

fortuitous faery said...

marites and mia: thanks! favorite ko rin yun...i don't get to eat it often here in jersey! buti na lang nag-experiment yung tita ko and it turned out great! :)

Sidney said...

That is why I like Filipino 9birthday ) parties...there is always a lot of food ! :-)

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: filipino parties are something you're not supposed to refuse! :) and you're right, the food is always abundant...and filling!

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

valenciana! mapag aralan nga pano lutoin yan :D
tapos shrimp! wow! Good Friday pa naman ngayon... and I'm thinking of treating myself to a feast because of these pics... tsktsk ^-^

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