robert pattinson robs the cover of GQ!

i was in atlantic city recently and was strolling around bally's casino lobby when i sauntered into the gift shop and spotted robert pattinson on the cover of this month's GQ magazine! haha. well of course, you know what i did next. i don't care if it's a men's fashion magazine!

i poured over the article about him, and gazed longingly at his photos. an added bonus of this issue is that "heroes'" zachary quinto is in it, too! he's modeling....rain wear! haha. did you know he's the new reincarnation of star trek's spock? from sylar to spock! what a shock! reach for the stars, zachary!

hmmm...yellow does make him look mellow. a little.

[GQ magazine cover & zachary quinto image from http://men.style.com/gq/]

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Marites said...

Oo nga ano. Stylar looks like Spock! ngayon ko lang na-connect hehehehe! ay naku, i hate Stylar talaga sa "heroes".

fortuitous faery said...

that's why i love him as a villain...he's sooo good at being bad! hehe

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