ode to a jollibee yumburger with cheese

oh jolly red bee,
what a delight for me to see
that you've buzzed your way to queens,
now it's no longer a dream!

you put the "yum" in yumburger,
put some cheese in it, please!
i just had you for lunch,
i'll save room for dinner!

*yes, the yumburger inspires you to be poetic. okay, maybe just me! haha. my sister had gone last night to the much-talked about and much-queued at jollibee fastfood restaurant in queens, new york. she took home a bunch of yumburgers with cheese and peach mango pies. it's about time they had a jollibee in the east coast! what, only pinoys in california can have all the yumburger fun?!

my sister said the line didn't stretch out of the store as it did during the first weeks of its opening, and they had scored a nice street parking spot, too. one of these days, i'll pay that store a visit.

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Sidney said...

Yummy !
Also their chicken joy !

Princess Ody said...

yummy....gusto ko ng yumburger with cheese! now naaaaaa!

Sardonyx said...

Naku namiss ko naman ang yumburger!! Mabuti pa dyan meron samantalang dito malapit na sa Pilipinas pero walang Jollibee....natakam tuloy ako.

Joe Narvaez said...

Nice one! haha. Kakain ako nyan paguwi ko. Can't wait hehe.

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: yes..the joyful chicken joy! i think there's something about the gravy that makes it special, too.

ody: hahaha!

sardonyx: kaya nga sobrang pagbubunyi ko na may jollibee na sa new york. hehe.

joe: hmp, mang-inggit pa ba? hehe. hindi lang jollibee kundi major binyagan pa ang uuwian mo sa pinas! :P

sailormoon said...

wow! napaaga ang easter mo! i'm sure napa-alleluyah ka nung matikman mo ang yumburger na yan. hehe. at me tula pa!

Anonymous said...

To Joe Narvaez: Bakit hindi ako nagtataka na gusto mo talaga ng burger?! Nyehehe

fortuitous faery said...

sailormoon: yes...i was in yumburger heaven! haha

duskfading: out-of-topic: lapit na birthday mo, ha! sabay na ba sa binyag ni baby?

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

galing! maybe I would also be a little bit poetic if I could find Jollibee here in SG. ^-^

MsRay said...

Conell, bring me to Jollibee pag nag vacation ako dyan sa NJ ha?

Jollibee Philippine said...

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