let it B

i brought two digital cameras on my trip to atlantic city. i brought my very first digicam, the minolta 4-megapixel dimage G400, which uses an SD card. i realized that this camera works great on sunny environments, unlike my sony cybershot 7-megapixel which makes my outdoor photos (especially ones by the beach) too washed out.

B is for bally's casino. B is also for my last name.

B is for the beach which forms part of the atlantic ocean. B is for the boredom i'm trying to fight. and that's me with my back to the camera.

3 vandalized my wall:

Marie Reed said...

B is for belle belle belle! Happy Pff!

Sidney said...

Wow...you have your own building ! ;-)

Nice to meet you... can you just turn a little bit? ;-)

fortuitous faery said...

marie: merci!

sidney: the building ain't mine, it's just where i stayed for the night. haha. and i like to turn my back for photos i use in my blog. haha.

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