a wedding wish won me a watercolor organizer!

...from malaysia! from the very talented emila yusof!

this malaysian artist held a blog contest in which people would send in their original greetings for her wedding anniversary. this watercolor/paint brush organizer which she handmade is the prize. i made it just in time for her contest deadline (midnight of february 28th). to get a feel on the artist's personality, i browsed a bit on her past entries and read her "about me" page. on friday night, i was munching away on french fries inside a mcdonald's waiting to pick up my cousin from new york at the bus stop when i wrote this poem on a piece of paper, intending to post it as an entry for emila's contest:

"may the flame of love which started as a spark,
continue to burn and never grow dark,
as years go by, the memories build up,
with mornings shared together as the sun comes up,
hearty jokes,
contented smiles,
may you always be the happy folks
who walked the aisle!
♥happy wedding anniversary! ♥"

and i won! woohoo! thank you, emila! or as you say in malaysian, "terima kasih!"

i've noticed that i have somewhat of a lucky streak in blog contests where creative writing is concerned, but not so much when winners are chosen by randomizer, as was the case with littlemsfirefly's birthday contest (which i lost, so i'm a little sad!). haha.

i forgot to mention that i also recently won ghee's birthday contest, and have been told that i'm getting the king rirakkuma plush toy that i wanted! woohoo! arigato gozaimasu, ghee! i can't wait for it to be in my mailbox!

now, speaking of blog contests, i still haven't heard from the very first one i won this year. i was only a runner-up there, but was quite elated by the fact that my entry was chosen. perhaps the dong is busy with his travels to send me the national geographic magazine that i won. i hope he hasn't forgotten! it's the very first thing i've ever won online, so it has somewhat of a sentimental value...haha. would i sound needy and a bit of a nagster if i asked him if he remembered sending it to me? i actually just started a subscription with said magazine and have just received my first issue.

the wedding greeting gig got me thinking: maybe i should work for hallmark. or better yet, start my own greeting card business. now if i could get these lazy hands to draw again! haha. wait, just one hand, i mean, since i'm a righty, not ambidextrous.

[watercolor organizer image by emila yusof]

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Sidney said...

Wow ! Congrats !
Your intelligent... and lucky ! :-)

ms firefly said...

ohhh, congratulations!!!
that was a nice poem you made, so touching no doubt you snagged the prize! i got your postcard of st. patrick's cathedral, and i saw from the irishstamps website that a new stamp with st. patrick featured is now available. will order soon!

Anonymous said...

whoah!!congratulations!!2 prices within one month,thats amazing eh?

but well,you really deserve it :)
yeah,stand by ka lang jan.

fortuitous faery said...

thanks, everyone! it's a good feeling to be lucky in some things in life! :)

msfirefly: yay! my mail always reach you so fast! i just saw the st. patrick stamp from the irish stamps website. that's so cool! so the irish post is called "an post"? interesting.

Anonymous said...

congrats!!! you're so talented too! I think this year will be a lucky year for you! :-D

Marites said...

wow! lucky you! hay ako naman, once lang nanalo ng mga blog contest na yan. Anyway, i like your poem, it's no wonder you won:)

Anonymous said...

ever thought of working part time writing greeting card verses at hallmark? seems to be in your alley.

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