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un postcards

my recent visit to the united nations headquarters in new york led me to discover their very own post office and postage stamps....how cool is that? i mailed a few postcards to some friends using their special UN stamps. the braille postage stamp you see spells "UN" with embossed braille dots that you can touch!

the postcard on the left shows an artist's interpretation of part of the universal declaration of human rights, while the one on the right is a night view of the UN headquarters in new york.

"The United Nations is the only organization in the world which is neither a country nor a territory that is permitted to issue postage stamps. It is also the only postal authority to issue stamps in three different currencies, namely U.S. dollars, Swiss francs and Euro."

the UN post office in new york follows the same postal rates as the US postal service. for example, the rate for international mail is 94 cents. any mail matter using the UN postage stamps can only be mailed through the UN post office, not elsewhere.

you can browse their latest stamp issues here.

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Diane said...

the braille stamp is really cool!

Four-eyed-missy said...

Interesting, FF! And I agree with Diane, the Braille stamp is a great idea. Happy PFF!

Anonymous said...

Interesting! I was sent a card from the UN libraries which had a special postmark.

France has issued Braille stamps too. It's 200 years since Louis Braille was born, just outside Paris.

Marie Reed said...

I'm going crazy for the Braille stamp too! The first one was issued in Brazil in 1974:) Wow!

MuseSwings said...

What a fascinating bit of info about the UN! And a braille stamp - I had no idea. Happy PFF!

fortuitous faery said...

thanks for dropping by, everyone! :)

here in the US, the recent bicentennial birthday boys with special stamps are "honest abe" lincoln and edgar allan poe!

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