spring has sprung

spring officially starts tomorrow, friday, but our garden is already showing signs of spring.

i finally found out what these flowers are called. they're the very first flowers to bloom in our garden. a splash of purple in a bleak landscape: crocus! (crikey!) i found out because i saw these exact flowers on some german postage stamps i got. (snail mail geek! yes, i confess.)


and these are the iris roots springing back to life. they look divine once they bloom.


and i can't wait to get an eyeful of cherry blossom opulence in my neighborhood!

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Anonymous said...

I also saw crocuses two days ago (in yellow!) was planning to take photos but have been home for 2 days nursing sipon, ubo at lagnat along with the 3 kids having all of them too! (haba..hinga hinga muna...lol)

Spring is indeed here! Yayy!

fortuitous faery said...

yellow crocus! never seen those! only on the crocus wiki page! hehe.

hope you're feeling better, gzelle! and your kids!

Photo Cache said...

oh yeah out here in the west where there is nothing to thaw our tulips are in full bloom for a couple of weeks now. glad you have spring like atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

spring is in the air na rin,its getting warmer everyday,pero di pa rin season ng hanabi.although in the warmer places like tokyo,Cherry Blossoms will start to show up soon!!

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