salivating for "sisig"

recently tagged along for a food trip to bloomfield in this filipino restaurant called "pandan asian cuisine."


miss iggy shares a more detailed account of the dining experience here. suffice it to say, it was anthony bourdain's recent "no reservations" episode featuring the philippines that inspired us to order "sizzling sisig." until that much-awaited episode, i never knew that the dish was invented in angeles city, pampanga!

sisig brings back happy college memories with friends having lunch at the side streets of dapitan near UST, or the cathartic videoke sessions after some stressful examinations. my favorite part of having this tasty mishmash of pork head bits is having the plate served to you in all its sizzling glory: the smoke and audible fizz promising you that this is worth the wait, then excitedly drizzling the calamansi halves all over the dish. it's an interactive dish, you as the consumer have your own part to the preparation of this meal (the final, garnishing part at least) before actually enjoying it, which makes for a satisfying eating experience.

yum...sinfully sisig!

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Anonymous said...

prior to bourdain, i never thought sisig comes from pork head. now wonder it makes me sleepy. or maybe it's the beer.

Marie Reed said...

Gosh that looks good!

AVCr8teur said...

I can almost hear it sizzling over here. I wonder if it's served here for me to try.

fortuitous faery said...

plaridel: what did you think sisig was made of then? hehe. maybe it was the MSG that made you sleepy! :P

marie: yes, it tastes great!

AVCr8teur: try to look for a filipino restaurant where you are. if you're in california, that won't be hard! :)

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