a prayer for a blueberry girl

neil gaiman has a new book (categorized as a children's book) coming out on march 10th called "blueberry girl" with beautiful art by charles vess. watch this videoclip (by brady hall) showcasing the art from the book while the author reads the heartwarming lines from his poem. i came across this via anj's blog (who is apparently a huge neil gaiman fan).

beautiful, beautiful words that almost sound like a magic spell coming from neil gaiman's mouth. (for me, everything sounds extra-special with a british accent, haha.)

this poem was specially written for tori amos' baby girl--the original blueberry girl. i think every girl deserves this poignant little prayer...not just the infants. i think i want to own this book, too.

to all the blueberry girls out there, happy international women's day!

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paninigirl said...

i love it!!!
i am a blueberry girl too, big time blueberry fan. ^-^

Anonymous said...

Its so interesting for me!I love kids,parenting,family,connection and so on and so forth.

have a wonderful weekend,C!

fortuitous faery said...

swann: nice to find a kindred blueberry girl in you! :) cute profile photo, by the way!

ghee: i'm sure you loved it since you have darling daughters of your own. have a great weekend! :)

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