hey mama, this that [cream] that make you groove mama

it’s international women’s day on march 8th!

remember that infamous beauty pageant question about the “essence of a woman?” if i recall correctly, one of the answers eloquently mentioned being a mother. motherhood is the “holy grail” of womanhood for some. many a mother has proclaimed that no words can describe the happiness of knowing that you brought forth a new life into the world. which brings me to share with you some wonderful news: my friends monalisa and joe (whose wedding i attended last year) just became proud parents on february 17th to a pretty little angel named monica jaden! doesn’t the name alone invoke hollywood glamour? reminds me of the popular tv series “friends!” haha. (i’m told it’s joe who “researched” this name!) congratulations on your baby, you two!

and speaking of hollywood glamour, how do hollywood moms stay paparazzi-ready? yes, they’re sporting the bump, but they still look gorgeous! "the preggy wears prada!" except when they won’t give up wearing heels—that’s just hazardous, in my opinion. hey, i'm still single and i find it challenging to walk in high heels in my normal weight! yeah, i'm not much of a shoe-daredevil. i did wear black patent stilettos at an oath-taking ceremony a few years ago...almost sprained my ankle running in them.

anyway, stars like angelina jolie and madonna make motherhood and mixed-race adoption so fashionable. but is there a secret beauty cream these stars apply when they’re expecting? it appears that some of them are raving about beaute de maman, a line of health and beauty products specially designed for pregnant women. the creators claim that these products are obstetrician-approved, so they're safe to use.

i believe that a child-bearing woman is already beautiful, but if any of you moms-to-be out there are curious, check out the products they offer, discuss it with your doctor, then decide if you want to order now.


3 vandalized my wall:

Sidney said...

Being a father is not bad either... ;-)

fortuitous faery said...

sidney: that's true...but i have a natural bias for women, because i am one! haha. :)

Joe Narvaez said...

Joe ba kamo? Ako yun! Ako yun! hehe. Easter Sunday binyag ni baby. Punta ka. :)

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