back to basics

for six dollars, i'm a six-year-old again.

princess camera

i stared long and hard at this disney princess 35-mm flash camera kit at walmart. it had the red sticker with the price mentioned above, indicating that it was a clearance item. recalling my recent infatuation with lomography and my tight budget, i gave in to the "call of the wallet" and bought this non-digital, non-lomo camera...for myself.

i figured that a good photographer should be versatile, able to take great photos no matter what camera is used. i want to retrace my 35-mm roots (man, it seemed so long ago!), and i have plans of experimenting with it: maybe attach a colored cellophane over the flash to mimic colorsplashing, and maybe smudge the lens a bit to simulate lomo-ness. i read that somewhere online. call me cheap, but i call it--improvising. haha! (my sister just rolled her eyes in disbelief)


and besides, i couldn't resist the cuteness factors: pink, disney princesses, and a heart-shaped shutter button! and it all came with a 24-shot kodak film, AA battery and a square photo frame! haha! i'm a princess, too--princess "fee-yawn-ah!" i come from the kingdom of shoot-a-lot!

wonder how long this camera is gonna last with me. haha.

and what a royal coincidence, that doll in new york city just got temporarily "dethroned" by the disney princesses. heehee.

3 vandalized my wall:

Anonymous said...

wow! so cute!
I know one person who'd freak out when she sees your new cam kit. wena of mypinkshoelace.com will surely love that pink cam. hehehe

Marie Reed said...

Eeeek! That is cute to the fifth power!

fortuitous faery said...

doi: i agree, her blog is oozing with pinkness!

marie: i know! i squealed too, silently. haha! hope you're feeling better!

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