stay by me, diana!

i love cats, and i love snowcat. i love photography, and cool gadgets that relate to it. so i am just reduced to giddiness when they released this snowcat edition diana camera!

diana cameras are a lomo-lover's best friend. these old-school, super-cool plastic cameras are on a world tour and have landed in south korea as snowcat incarnate. but why do people still go loco over lomo in this digital age? i'm sure the becky has something to share about this. there's a different aura to lomo photos. there's something real and tangible about the images that come out. the unpredictability and imperfections give it an almost other-wordly feel. although i don't own a lomo camera, i think this is the one for me!

the blogs that tell me this news (including that of snowcat's artist) are entirely in korean so i have no idea how much it costs or if it will ever be on sale on the diana website.

times like these, i wish i have a friend in korea to harass. haha. the nice korean nurse i used to write to stopped sending me letters. hmph. probably sensed this one coming....haha.

[this website owns the image above]

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Oman said...

wow. a real collectors item indeed. i love lomo cams although i don't have one yet. sana meron din dog designs.

fortuitous faery said...

i don't know if you recognize the character "the dog"...japanese pala yun. the diana world tour was in japan last december. i don't know what special designs they had there in their lomo gallery shop.

i hope i get to visit the diana tour in new york this year!

Mia said...

Very tempted to buy one although I have the 35mm version (Diana Mini) already. Maybe when I'm rich, I'll buy myself a Diana F+ :) or another Holga hehehe

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