siomai ponders a question


our cats, maki (on left) and siomai look longingly outside the glass door. unfortunately for them, they're stuck indoors until it's warm enough to linger outside. spring doesn't officially start here until march 20th. we could still get some snow by then, who knows?

maki is the one who has the habit of darting towards the front door for a brief taste of freedom when someone goes out. thankfully, he doesn't wander too far away from the front door. he patiently waits by the steps for someone to let him in again, having had enough of the nippy, outside air.

siomai, on the other hand, is my feline "alarm clock" in the morning. she knows exactly where my room is, and stands outside meowing me back to consciousness so i can feed them their breakfast of dry cat food.

these furballs turn a year old next month.

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atto aryo said...

cuties! :-)

Sidney said...

The seem to be smart !

Anonymous said...

Are they a couple? no kittens yet? hehehe

I like their names! Maki and Siomai.

I just ate siomai (not the cat) earlier. I love California Maki. Wait, why am I talking bout food? argghhh! sowee po...hehe

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

siomai... what a cute name! :D

fortuitous faery said...

r-yo, sidney, & shiera: yes, they're cute and sometimes, can be too smart for their own sake. haha.

doi: they're actually siblings, and are too young to even procreate! haha.

Marites said...

awww..cutie! we have two big black cats now. A male and female. The female has the habit of staying in my room when am home. The male is already old (by cat's standards) and laging cranky na.

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