material model?

when i picked up this month's catalog for j. crew, i did a double take on the woman on the cover because of her striking resemblance to madonna. or is it just me? (go on, click on the scanned image for a larger view)

she's an older woman, alright, but j. crew sometimes feature older models in their fashion catalogs.

but doesn't this model look like madge if she were much older? (the material girl is now officially a "golden girl.") i mean, this lady also has a gap on her front teeth!


did you know that the stylish wardrobe worn by the obama girls (sasha and malia) at their dad's inauguration was from j. crew's "crewcuts" line for kids? the fashion influence apparently comes from their mom, michelle, who is herself a patron of said clothing store.

news websites also reported that the traffic for j. crew's website skyrocketed the day after the inauguration that their site crashed.

i've been to the j. crew flagship store in manhattan, miss igorota had tagged along.

i came across this website of a j. crew aficionada. i love j. crew, but not to the point of splurging money on it and even owning its stock (as she claims!). haha.

"greece is the word!"

i've used this phrase somewhere before, but i can't really say i was the only one who thought about it, or did so first.

anyway, i like how j. crew goes on different locations for their fashion shoots. here, their wedding section for february was shot in santorini, greece. (click on the scanned image to read the details)

...which reminds me of that richard gutierrez-kc concepcion movie filmed in santorini, greece. i haven't seen it, although we do own the DVD.

i plan on watching "breakfast at tiffany's" on valentine's day. i've bought this DVD from way back and i've never seen it. i did take off the cellophane wrapper last month, which is somewhat of a progress. haha.

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Oman said...

yup. i see the similarity indeed. para nga ding kamukha sya ni julia roberts eh.

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gingmaganda said...

umiyak ako sa Breakfast at TIffany's!

Sidney said...

Wow...that is a boon for J. Crew !

fortuitous faery said...

lawstude: hmmm, you're right...kinda like j.ro, too! :P

ging: thanks for the heads-up! haha :)

sidney: indeed it was! now everyone knows j.crew!

Marites said...

parang pinaghalong Julia Roberts and Madonna ang beauty niya:)

By the way, have you seen the movie Mama Mia? The same location as that of the KC-Richard G. movie. Super ganda ng lugar.

ms firefly said...

i love j.crew too, but no, i haven't spent anything on it yet....like there's no j.crew here anyway. :D

i've seen breakfast at tiffany's twice already. audrey, ohmymama, there's a scene at the last part where she was knitting....my heart did a flip!

fortuitous faery said...

marites: yes, i've seen mamma mia! both the broadway musical AND the movie! :P

msfirefly: i'm sure h&m would be enough to fill your "fitting room chronicles"! :) j. crew only ships to canada & japan internationally for now.

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