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msfirefly is celebrating her valentine birthday in ireland by holding an online contest that asks you to share the things that make you happy. since she's turning 30, i decided to actually come up with 30 things. the prize up for grabs is all sorts of darling hand-made goodies like the ones she sent me by "firefly express" recently...and more! the winner will be chosen by random, but perhaps my luck will increase with a longer list. haha.

  • chocolate! never fails to cheer me up even for a brief moment.
  • my feet slowly sinking in the sandy shore because it makes me feel one with the beach.
  • spring rolls or hot-off-the-oil chicken wings dipped in thai sweet chili sauce.
  • hearing the mailman's little delivery truck drive by our street and getting mail that's not junk.
  • seeing with my own eyes the intricate details of a snowflake as it fell down my hand on a snowy day.
  • the burst of cherry blossoms, magnolias, and all other happy flowers at springtime.
  • bath and body works' tiare flower inu body lotion from their "ile de tahiti" line. the tropical scent transports my senses to a paradise island and reminds me of summer. this particular lotion is only released during spring-summer.
  • being in new york city and watching a broadway musical.
  • my cat napping on my lap, purring softly.
  • a goldilocks cake with icing flowers, or here in new jersey: an ice cream cake from denville dairy.
  • that innocent first kiss by the lake.
  • browsing greeting cards for eye candy, then finding the perfect card for the intended recipient.
  • finding people who like me for who i am.
  • belting out my favorite songs on videoke.
  • flowers marked down to 99 cents at aldi.
  • hearing the words "thank you" when the situation calls for it.
  • two free movie tickets at clearview cinema every tuesday from our internet provider.
  • knowing the steps to a line dance song at a filipino party and looking good doing it.
  • getting a good night's sleep.
  • watching my favorite tv shows on HD.
  • friends keeping in touch despite their busy schedules.
  • coupons and freebies in the mail.
  • extra 50% off clearance items at j.crew.
  • putting ink to paper and learning i can still draw.
  • reading the sunday comics.
  • hearing the sing-song ilonggo chatter--and joining in--when visiting capiz.
  • people remembering my birthday.
  • a suitcase filled with pasalubong from the philippines.
  • sharing a good laugh with friends and just being silly.
  • a memory stick filled with photographic memories.

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ms firefly said...

this post is soooo awww-worthy!
so....i'm very much interested about the story of that innocent first kiss by the lake! :)

i love coupons and freebies too, and the mailman walking to my frontdoor with a bunch of mails.

thanks my dearest faery. i've been using your doggie stickers to my christmas cards sent to the family and kj loved them. ^-^

i'm posting this post now to my sidebar, let's inspire others!

fortuitous faery said...

thanks for including my entry!

and the "first kiss" happened eons ago, when i was much younger and innocent. haha.


"belting out my favorite songs on videoke."

It's a pity that I become the most selfish bitch when I get hold of the microphone, ha! I love karaoke. :)

iluvgreen said...

belting my favorite song in videoke and the spring rolls makes me happy too...

nice list. you may want to check mine here : http://imlovinggreen.blogspot.com/


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