yes, he did!

although miss iggy couldn't personally be in washington, DC, she watched the historic inauguration of barack obama as the united states of america's 44th president via CNN live.

miss iggy was enthralled by the "first lady of soul," miss aretha franklin's rendition of "my country 'tis of thee." she also loved her big, studded bow hat.

vice-president joe biden was first to be administered the oath.

and finally, mr. obama took his oath as administered by US chief justice john g. roberts. he used the same bible that former president abraham lincoln used in his inauguration in 1861. this bible is part of the US library of congress' collection and has never been used since lincoln did in 1861.

first lady michelle obama beams proudly at her husband. miss iggy loooves mrs. obama's sense of style. her inaugural outfit was made by one of her favorite designers, cuban-american isabel toledo.

good luck, mr. president!

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Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama was ultra stylish! Very like! I caught the speech when I got home, very good and very moving ^_^

fortuitous faery said...

except for a few follies in the oath-taking itself...must have been the freezing weather! :P

Anonymous said...

happy that miss igorota was able to be part of the inauguration maski sa tv man lamang! ako minalas na mawalan ng batt ang kamera sa oras ng inauguration nyahaha

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